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Get real and unearth some practical wisdom.

Welcome! I'm Jennifer, a professional astrologer and tarot reader who combines traditional knowledge of signs and symbols with intuitive insights. I provide down-to-earth divination, using the tools of tarot and astrology to help you grow and prosper along your personal path. Whether you're still searching for your creative passion, trying to get to the bottom of a challenging situation, or simply curious to find out what phase of personal evolution lies ahead, I'd love to help you connect to an inner guidance that genuinely wants to move you forward. You won't find any spells or superstitions here, but you will learn about how the fascinating language of subconscious symbols can serve as a form of meditation and inspire intuitive messages—and you may just discover something about yourself that's been yearning to be revealed.

Please feel free to explore the offerings on my site, and if a certain reading option speaks to you, I welcome you to book a session or get in touch via e-mail with any questions.

I also offer gift certificates, as divination readings make truly one-of-a-kind presents!

If you're interested in gifting a reading, please contact to order.


Personalized readings that cultivate a deeper connection to the seeds of your potential.



Astrology readings provide a dynamic map of the energetic elements that create your unique personality, and can help you to navigate the  seasons of your life.



The vivid visual language of tarot can shed light on the subconscious structure of a particular situation and reveal what's nurturing or hindering your personal growth.


An imaginative gift that continues to evolve.

My path with divination started in my youth, when I joyfully discovered an insightful pocket-sized astrology guide in my Christmas stocking. Continually curious about human nature and all things otherworldly (just like the book had described my Aquarius sun), I was instantly hooked on learning more about intriguing planetary archetypes and their spiritual connection to people.


You could say that the cosmos have always conveyed that certain 'je ne sais quoi' for me. But beyond that, my relationship with the beauty of the stars and symbols has inspired me through many phases of life—from playful moments during recess when I'd ditch the ball games in favour of learning more about what made people tick by sticking my nerdy nose in a 'sun signs' book, to more sensitive times in my adult years, when the tarot's contemplative stories helped me reconnect with myself during challenging life transitions. I've also found divination to be a beautiful muse for the many artistic projects I've completed throughout my multi-passionate career as a designer, writer, actor, singer and arts educator. 

Since 2007, I've parlayed my passion for these tools into a fulfilling service that enables me to share my knowledge with those who are also interested in the creative and therapeutic qualities they can offer. While I continue to refine my theoretical knowledge on a daily basis, my favourite part of reading for my clients is connecting on an intuitive level; my intention is to provide guidance that's grounded in understandable language and practical solutions that are truly tuned in to your unique situation. I use my intuitive tools like a metaphysical compass and my aim is to clear the path that connects you to your most authentic, productive and joyful self.


Appreciative words from happy clients.

"I have to say I wasn’t particularly a believer of astrology until I met Jennifer. What started out as a casual reading turned into inspired action during a challenging time in my life. She combines her knowledge (which is incredible) and her intuition (which is spot on) to deliver readings that are accurate and specific to you and your life’s circumstances. No template readings here that make no sense. She’s the real deal and you can tell she genuinely wants to help. Needless to say, Jennifer has become my go to lady for readings and I often check in with her for guidance and support. I am a believer now and will only see Jennifer! You won’t be disappointed! She is a beautiful soul!”

—Tihana D.

"Jen is an amazing card reader and I always get something out of my time with her! She is so intuitive and can see things that you may not even be aware of, until she brings it to light. I always get new insights from her readings and I feel so connected to what I am learning through her. Best tarot card reader I've ever had!"

—Caitlin P.

"Jennifer is an exceptionally talented astrologer. She explained things to me in a language I could understand. She was bang on with the interpretation of my birth chart and made very specific recommendations based on my upcoming astrological transits that were extremely helpful."

—Shiva D.

"Such a pleasure to have Jennifer prepare a chart and reading. She was very articulate, knowledgeable and insightful. The information she shared was very relevant to my life. I look forward to meeting with Jennifer regularly."

—Roxanne P.


"I've never written a testimonial. Until now. It's a compelling sharing experience. Jennifer's tarot reading exceeded my expectations in abundance. The clarity and insight she delivered through the cards struck a harmonic chord and an uncanny parallel to both the frictional and joyful circumstances that envelop my life on a daily basis. Without exaggeration, I found myself in awe of the observations and details of issues and dilemmas I had been and was currently dealing with. Jennifer was also able to instill an optimistic light for my future endeavors and potential challenges. All communicated to me with charismatic charm and warmth. Beyond impressive."

—Richard B.

"Jennifer is a thoughtful and articulate communicator, with an uncanny ability to identify very specific (and accurate!) personality traits. Spending one-on-one time with her felt like giving myself a beautiful gift...the gift of self-discovery. My reading was intriguing and inspiring, and I highly recommend Jennifer's astrological services."

—Lindsay Y.

"My reading with you was an amazing experience. You made me feel so comfortable, considering how nervous I can be in those kind of circumstances. I have never felt so understood and I have never felt like anyone could really know me like you described me. That was an unbelievable experience in itself. I have found that you were so accurate about many things that have happened since our reading and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to have that experience with you."

—Alex S.

"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

—Carl Jung


Please check out my online services by clicking on the 'bookings' page before reaching out with questions. I do not currently offer in-person readings, except for parties/events.



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