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Get real and unearth some practical wisdom.

Welcome! I'm Jennifer, a professional astrologer and tarot reader who combines traditional knowledge of signs and symbols with intuitive insights. I provide down-to-earth divination, using the tools of tarot and astrology to help people grow and prosper along their personal paths. Whether you're still searching for your creative passion, trying to get to the bottom of a challenging situation, or simply curious to find out what phase of personal evolution lies ahead, I'd love to help you connect to an inner guidance that genuinely wants to move you forward. You won't find any spells or superstitions here, but you will learn about how the fascinating language of subconscious symbols can serve as a form of meditation and inspire intuitive messages—and you may just discover something about yourself that's been yearning to be revealed.

Please feel free to explore the offerings on my site, and if a certain reading option speaks to you, I welcome you to book a session or get in touch via e-mail with any questions.

I also offer gift certificates, as divination readings make truly one-of-a-kind presents!

If you're interested in gifting a reading, please contact to order.

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Personalized readings that cultivate a deeper connection to the seeds of your potential.