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Astro Weather for August 10th: Mercury Opposite Jupiter = daily details versus grand plans.

Today’s opposition between Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Aquarius is a reminder to find the balance between your long-term visions and the mundane details required to get you there.

This particular transit can also push you to take on more than you can mentally handle, but it's important to remain patient and enjoy the journey.

While most Jupiter transits generally offer enthusiastic energy, oppositions can bring about some stress, so make sure to be gentle with yourself as well if you’re feeling inner conflict and frustration. The positive aspect of this transit is that it can offer you the opportunity to look at your beliefs and plans with a fresh perspective.

This particular astrological aspect reminds me of the message in the 3 of Wands tarot card, which guides you to take a wide perspective of your surroundings and keep going, even if you’ve just started and have no idea of how you’re going to reach your destination.

If you’ve got lots of ideas and are impatient (I get it—my natal Mercury and Mars are tightly conjunct in my natal chart), then this can be a difficult energy to adopt.

However, if you don’t allow yourself this meditative pause, then you run the risk of becoming overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all and giving up on your goals too soon.

The 3 of Wands confirms that you are indeed on the right path, and that you will have the fortitude to stay the course if you can stay objective and optimistic.

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