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Astro Weather for August 16th: Venus in Libra = achieve perfect harmony with your natural charm.

For the next few weeks, Venus—the planet associated with love, money and artistic talent—will be sitting pretty in her home sign of sociable and refined Libra.

This fortunate energy brings more harmony to our relationships, and enhances our interest in generating more beauty in the world.

Of course, as lovely as it is, Venus in Libra won’t promise perfection in the skies (although Libra certainly loves to strive for the best!), but it will help us pursue what we love with grace and style.

If you need some proof, musical virtuoso Freddie Mercury and beauty icon Grace Kelly are two individuals who share this elegant placement at 28 degrees of Libra.

So dust off the piano, bust out that red lipstick and enjoy the yummy feelings that come along with this transit.



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