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Astro Weather for August 18th: Mercury conjunct Mars = clear communication and decisive action.

Today's astrological conjunction between Mercury and Mars offers a mental quickness that can easily generate ideas and cut through the clutter, but there's also the risk of expressing ourselves too quickly in certain situations.

As someone with a tight Mercury-Mars conjunction in my natal chart, I’m very familiar with this energy and I’ve definitely been known to put my foot in my mouth on more than a few occasions!).

Fortunately, having Mercury and Mars meet up in the grounded sign of Virgo can help to balance this relationship and ensure we offer a quick pause before we react.

And because Virgo is the problem-solver of the zodiac, it’s likely our intentions are in the right place today—we just have to make sure we aren’t being too rash or pushy with our acts of service or suggestions for improving someone else’s situation.

On a lighter note, the fun aspect of this transit could be noticing how quickly and clearly you’re able to speak or sing!

Singer Gloria Estefan is a great example of someone with Mercury conjunct Mars in the sign of Virgo in her natal chart—and of course she famously nailed her performance of the wickedly fast song Conga (something my 8-year-old self attempted to impersonate numerous times, of course 😉).



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