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Astro Weather for August 19th: Uranus Retrograde = awakening to inner abundance and transformation.

Uranus—the planet representing progress—turns retrograde today, and the collective will feel an internal awakening happening over the next 5 months.

While retrogrades often usher in quieter, more internally focused energy, this astrological transit will upgrade our thinking to be more innovative, and during this time, we’ll likely surprise ourselves with how much we’ve changed and the growth we've accomplished.

The keyword is transformation, and it reminds me of the Koi Fish oracle card from the stunning Dreamscape Oracle deck.

In many cultures around the world, fish are considered to symbolize good fortune and positive transformation. The Koi Fish reaches its abundant fate through impressive courage and perseverance. In Japanese legend, this fish musters up incredible strength to swim up stream along the Yellow River and once it reaches the top, it transforms into a majestic dragon.

When this oracle card shows up, it’s a message that you’re on the right track; that no matter how challenging the path seems, to keep going, because you’ve got immense strength inside you, and the success you’re seeking is closer than you think. And for one, think this is a perfect message to meditate on during this Uranus Retrograde.



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