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Astro Weather for August 22nd: Blue Full Moon in Aquarius = freeing emotions and welcoming change.

The August 22nd Full Blue Moon occurs at 29 degrees of Aquarius—a critical point in astrology, as it represents a sense of urgency to transition.

If you’re someone who often feels the emotional weight of full moons, this one has likely been extra intense for you—especially as freedom-loving Aquarius loves to provoke change and asks us to understand situations from a more detached and rational perspective.

This is in stark contrast to the usual nature of the Moon, which is associated with inwardly reflecting on the past and releasing emotions by going with the flow. So this energy can feel a bit jarring to some of us.

It’s undoubtedly a radical astrological event, and it’s clear that a big shift in the collective consciousness is on the horizon.

You may find joy in this emotional transition if you connect with a group and experiment with putting your feelings into words. This idea reminds me of ‘The Word’ oracle card from the Dreamscape Oracle Deck by artist Matt Hughes.

This card delivers a message about connecting with others through storytelling. And the full Moon in socially oriented Aquarius certainly provides an excellent opportunity to join with a community and share the wisdom of your unique human experience.

As this is the second full Moon in Aquarius in the past month (a rare occurrence!), I imagine there’s an intriguing situation you’ve lived through over the past 4 weeks, and it may help not only others, but also yourself to get it down on paper and express it in a meaningful way.

This second full Moon in Aquarius is also fortunate as it conjuncts Jupiter—the planet of vision and wisdom—so if nothing else, this is an excellent time to write a new story about the future your want to create for yourself and the impact you want to have on the collective.



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