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Astro Weather for August 30th: Mercury in Libra = focusing on labours of love

Mercury entered the Venus-ruled sign of Libra today, encouraging all of us to be more focused on Venusian subjects like art, beauty and relationships.

And we’ll have plenty of time to immerse ourselves in this sensual energy, as Mercury will linger longer in Libra until November 5th—thanks to its upcoming retrograde starting in a few weeks!

During this time, our interactions are likely to be mushy, musical and a little bit messy—and growth is definitely wrapped up in this process!

This energy connects nicely to my daily tarot pull: The Empress.

This Major Arcana card features an abundantly feminine and highly creative force to be reckoned with.

And when this beauty shows up, she’s encouraging you to give birth to a passion project that provides you with immense pleasure and opportunities for growth.

Still, there’s already a noticeable maturity to the Empress, so if this card is speaking to you, then it’s likely you have the experience already, and the wheels are probably already in motion for this labour of love. Now is simply the time to take it to the next level and release it into the universe to be enjoyed by others.



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