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Astro Weather for August 6th: Sun square Uranus = unexpected events may challenge your confidence

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The skies are certainly dynamic this week due to a lot of Uranian energy bringing unexpected change to the collective.

Some of these shifts will be thrilling, but some of them can really threaten our stability. Today, the Sun in Leo forms an exact square with Uranus in Taurus, challenging our focus.

You may notice yourself feeling triggered and lacking confidence—especially if you’re more Saturnian in nature and attached to your plans.

The artists, adrenaline junkies and activists may actually thrive however, as this transit is also highly creative and adventurous.

Individuals with Sun square Uranus in their natal chart can be some of the most wonderfully wacky instigators—even if they sometimes take their antics too far. Youtube trailblazer Jenna Marbles is a perfect example of someone who possesses this aspect in their natal chart.



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