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Astro Weather for August 8th: New Moon in Leo + Lion’s Gate Portal = open your heart.

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

While all new moons are a favourable time to set intentions for the future, today’s new Moon in courageous Leo is especially powerful.

It's full of creative zest and coincides with the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal—a time when the earth aligns with the brilliant fixed star Sirius and raises the collective vibration.

Because manifestation energy is so heightened today, this is the perfect opportunity to get real about your wildest dreams and ask the Universe for divine assistance.

Just make sure to get adequate rest and solitude so you can release, heal and tune into your heart’s true desires.

In the tarot, it's the 4 of Swords that can help with this preparation—this card shows us how to go deeply within and tune into what we truly need to feel healed and abundant.

Meditation is also beneficial during this time and creatively visualizing your desires—whether through writing them down or or creating a vision board—is an excellent way to activate them.

Happy New Moon!



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