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Jupiter Direct = finally getting the green light.

As the planet connected to seeing the big picture, Jupiter offers us the gifts of enthusiasm, exploration and wisdom. When Jupiter moves in a retrograde motion (how it’s been for the past 4 months) it can feel like our big adventures are on pause, and we might wonder if we’ve mysteriously lost our mojo. However, Jupiter retrograde is also a good time to reflect on where we’ve been a bit overzealous and perhaps too indulgent.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all spent time over the past 4 months considering where and how we can cut back on excessive behaviours and be more mindful, whether it be within our relationships to our work, to our fellow humans or to Mother Earth. And now with Jupiter waking up and lighting the way forward, we’ve optimistically integrated this wisdom into our grand plans.

Expect any intentions that have been on hold since May to finally receive the go ahead, but make sure to move forward with a reflective mindset.



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