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Astro Weather for September 22nd: Sun in Libra = let your light shine in harmonious partnerships.

The Sun moves into the balanced sign of Libra today and we say hello to Fall, thanks to the Autumnal Equinox—a time when we’re exposed to equal amounts of light and darkness.

Welcome to lovely Libra season! We’ve already got Mercury and Mars in this Venus-ruled sign, and with the Sun now entering Libra, our focus on establishing harmony becomes even more heightened.

Sun in Libra people gain confidence and express themselves through relationship to others; they’re social beings who feel best when they’re making others feel pampered and respected. This is the placement of the party host, beautician and lawyer.

As the owner of a Sun in the 7th house (Libra’s domain), I understand this energy well and admit that I can’t relax until I feel certain that everyone around me is doing okay…and you won’t catch me going to dinner or on vacation alone—I truly believe that life is so much better when it’s shared with a partner!

Over the next 4 weeks, I bet you’ll feel the same way, thanks to the influence of relational Libra season. Still, the Sun is in its position of debilitation here, because its expressive nature normally thrives when focused on the self versus others. We could notice ourselves being co-dependent over the next little while, and feeling frustratingly unable to move forward until we reach agreement with another.

On a collective level, Libra season will enhance our ability to get together, but it will also ask us to find compromises, and maybe put our needs second. This will feel uncomfortable at times, but it will encourage us to develop greater understanding of where others are coming from, and ultimately it promises to improve our bonds.

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