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Astro Weather for September 27th: Mercury Retrograde in Libra = temperance.

Mercury retrograde is spiritually testing us for one more time this year, from September 27th to October 17th.

And my tarot pull for today is the stunning temperance card—a perfect message to kick off Mercury’s retrograde movement in the sign of Libra.

In the Ethereal Visions tarot deck, Temperance showcases an angel with big, beautiful gold wings, looking down pensively as she pours water from one cup into another, effortlessly finding flow and balance. The triangle symbol on her chest represents the holy trinity, a symbol for cooperation and unity.

The Temperance angel is the epitome of patience and she asks you to find harmony by making subtle adjustments and connecting to spirit.

This Mercury retrograde in Libra will ask us to do the same, as Mercury retrogrades love to playfully test our patience and Mercury’s transit in Libra is all about working with others to achieve balance.

Mercury retrograde is also a time when the concept of time feels even more elusive, and as this happens, we tend to turn inward to seek the answers to our questions; I think it’s wonderful that this angel is showing up today to help guide this process.

From now until October 18th, aim to start your days with a cup of calm, and remember to be adaptable and empathetic towards others as you pursue equilibrium.



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