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Astro Weather for September 6th: New Moon in Virgo = intelligent intentions for self improvement.

This New Moon in Virgo has likely inspired you to make some resolutions to coincide with the changing season and start of the productive school year.

That’s because new moons are all about setting intentions and meticulous Virgo is obsessed with improvement.

So this is the perfect time to come up with an optimistic and detailed plan to better your situation; whether it’s cleaning up your diet, restructuring your finances, refining your home environment or enforcing boundaries in your relationships—it all depends on where this new moon falls within your chart of course.

As an example, I’m suddenly setting some money intentions and learning more about financial matters, due to the moon’s position in my 2nd house of resources.

So I shouldn't have been surprised when I recently pulled the 'Fawn' card from the Dreamscape Oracle deck; it's a positive omen that symbolizes grace and a fresh financial opportunity that could be right around the corner.

And similar to the energy of the New Moon, the Fawn's fresh energy represents a new beginning in your life. For all of us, this oracle is a reminder to be gentle with ourselves and to keep in mind that our situation can change in an instant.

Interestingly, this new moon has an exciting and perhaps even risky feeling to it, thanks to the moon’s electrifying trine with Uranus in Taurus!

Happy New Moon! What intentions are you setting for self improvement?



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