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Astro weather for August 2nd: Sun Opposite Saturn = creative self expression versus limitation.

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Today's skies offer the complicated transit of Sun in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius.

You were likely feeling the pressure of this transit yesterday, and it’s continuing to hang around today—a feeling that you want to indulge in playful pursuits, but have to exercise caution for whatever reason.

The limitations that arise from Sun opposite Saturn transits can be the result of your own lack of self-confidence, or they could be external blocks preventing you from having fun.

Still, if you make an effort to really focus, it can be a great time to turn your creative pursuits into something successful for the long term.

People with hard aspects between Sun and Saturn in their natal charts can be extremely hard on themselves, but they can also become quite accomplished because they feel so compelled to succeed.



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