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Astro Weather for September 15th: Mars in Libra = invest energy into balanced relationships.

Mars is the gas in our tank, showing us what area of life we’re driving towards, and with Libra steering, we’ll be highly focused on our relationships and the subject of give and take.

Because Mars is very self-focused and loves to move quickly, it’s actually in its position of detriment in this Venus-ruled sign, due to Libra’s desire to make peace.

You’ll probably notice yourself having a hard time making decisions from now until October 21st, because you’ll be considering all involved parties, which can naturally lead to analysis paralysis as you simply can’t please everyone at once!

It’s also said that this placement is too passive but I’ve often disagreed with this simplified statement based on my lived experience of observing loved ones with this placement in their natal chart.

Yes, Mars in Libra can be weighed down due to its objective of making sure everyone is pleased, but these people are fighters, and they’ll exert a lot of energy when they work to accomplish balance. They can also become quite frustrated when they feel others aren’t appreciating the hard work they’re putting into the relationship.

Still, those in the Mars in Libra club are very intelligent about people and they can be excellent teachers and leaders when it comes to manners and mutual respect. During this transit, we’ll be working to understand the nature of relationships better and becoming more intelligent about resolving conflict. Passionate social rights activist Nelson Mandela is an excellent example of this astrological placement in action.



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