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Happy September! This Virgo season is busy with relationship renovations.

Service-oriented Virgo season started on August 22nd, and this helpful energy will work to enhance our bonds with others throughout the month of September.

That's because there's a whole lot of relationship-focused Venusian energy happening this month, with Venus and Mercury already in Libra, Mars entering Libra mid-month and the Sun moving into Libra on the 22nd. Oh, and did I mention that we've got an upcoming Mercury retrograde in Libra, starting on the 27th? Yep, September is bringing a lot of relational stuff to the table, and it’s asking us to work on becoming better partners—whether that's in romance, business or friendship.

In the tarot, Libra is associated with the Justice card, which speaks about fairness, truth and the law, and these subjects will also come up to be dealt with during the month of September. In my newly acquired Dreamscape Oracle deck, Justice is beautifully depicted as 'The Scales', and it conveys the importance of weighing a situation very carefully before drawing any conclusions.

Major decisions will come into question this month—both personally and collectively—and they must be analyzed from everyone's perspective. This is not the time to act selfishly or dishonestly, for there will be consequences if the scales aren't balanced. Not to mention that Virgo season won't let us cut any corners, so make sure to tackle your relationship issues like you would any important project.

Curious to know what else September has in store for you specifically? Refer to your rising or sun sign below for a mini monthly tarotscope!

Virgo—High Priestess:

It looks like patience and intuition are going to be key this month, Virgo. Although big decisions are likely to come up in September, it’s important that you don’t rush into anything too quickly. And make sure to listen to your gut, rather than getting caught up in your analytical mind.

Leo—9 of Wands:

It feels like the energy of September is ramping up for you Leo, but all of the busy-ness could leave you feeling exhausted. This card is warning against taking on too many work projects or investing in activities that aren’t energizing you. Remember to make space for rest and enjoyment too.

Cancer—6 of Cups:

This is a wonderful time to reconnect with something from your past that provides you with peace and pleasure. This could mean returning to an old hobby, looking into your family tree or catching up with a childhood friend. This makes sense with so much activity happening in your 4th home of origin, and It's very likely the upcoming Mercury retrograde will enable you to dig into your roots in a meaningful way.

Gemini—9 of Cups:

For you Gemini, September brings the fulfillment of a wish! The celebratory 9 of Cups is one of the happiest cards in the deck as it shows you that you have all you need to kick back and enjoy life. If you’ve been working hard to achieve something, it shows that luck is on your side and bringing you a successful outcome.

Taurus—King of Swords:

The King of Swords is an authority figure who deals with decisions, ethics and laws. So Taurus, it seems September is requiring you to step into a role of responsibility, or advising you to enlist the help of an expert who can help you sort out important detail-oriented tasks. You may also need to protect your boundaries against an opponent, but this card shows that you have the intelligence to succeed.

Aries—Ace of Cups:

Aries, with plenty of activity in your 7th house of relationships this month, it’s not surprising to see the Ace of Cups show up for you. This can bring a brand new relationship into the picture or refresh an existing bond. This shifting energy could catch you off guard, but fortunately this card brings a great deal of trust to new love experiences.

Pisces—King of Cups:

September promises to bring enhanced intimacy to your relationships, Pisces, and the King of Cups represents an individual who’s offering emotional nurturing and security. This proposed level of commitment could bring about some fears for you, but it’s likely to open up your heart in a big way and provide immense healing to old wounds.

Aquarius—Knight of Cups:

Similar to Pisces, you’re likely to receive some sort of proposal this month, Aquarius. This could relate to romance, or it could be a creative opportunity that enables you to express yourself in way that feels natural and rewarding. It might take you some time to get used to this new venture, but this gracious Knight will ensure you feel comfortable with the journey.

Capricorn—4 of Cups:

September looks relatively peaceful for you, Capricorn, as the 4 of Cups is about withdrawing and reflecting. It looks like you could be seeking spiritual guidance during this time and you may find something simple like mindful meditation can help you connect with your true self and intuition more than any guru ever could.

Sagittarius—Knight of Wands:

You’re naturally pretty energetic, Sagittarius, and September appears to be lighting even more of a fire within you. This highly social and enthusiastic knight is encouraging you to get out and have some fun. Just make sure you’re not rushing into activities too recklessly, as this Knight is sometimes known to do.

Scorpio—10 of Pentacles:

Fortunately for you Scorpio, September is bringing success in terms of your resources and investments. I suspect you’ve been working very hard over the past while and you could find yourself upgrading your home or business. It looks like you could also be receiving assistance from someone older and wiser to help you achieve your goals in this process.

Libra—3 of Swords:

Libra, you rule the realm of relationships, and as this month is all about partnership, you could find yourself wanting to really dig into past and present love issues to learn from them—no matter how painful this process may be. The 3 of Swords shows your heart being broken open in order to heal wounds, so allow yourself to feel deeply while releasing stuck emotions. And don’t be afraid to open up to love if it comes your way in the near future (I suspect it will!).



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