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Hello October! There's plenty of adjustment in store for the rest of Libra season. Are you ready?

On September 22nd, the Sun moved into the balanced sign of Libra—and this Autumn brings a blend of beauty and momentum, thanks to the (finally) forward motion of the planets.

Yes, fortunately for proactive Libras, there's supportive energy coming this October. We're coming out of retrograde season (when time feels like it's magically slowed down) and entering a period of rapid change as the planets move direct. This dynamic shift is especially favoured by the cardinal air folks who love to initiate, as it brings in fresh energy and requires skillful adjustment—something Libras excel at. Don't be surprised if your calendar suddenly fills up with new activities as the month ahead promises to be busy!

Check out October's key astrological dates to help you be prepared:

October 6—New Moon in Libra + Pluto Direct in Capricorn:

This new moon is a powerful time to set fresh intentions for your relationships, and with Pluto moving direct after its sleepy 6-month retrograde, deeper transformation can finally occur with others. Some relationships may become more serious over the next month and some may end, and you may find that therapy or holistic healing modalities can aid you with this metamorphosis.

October 7—Venus Enters Sagittarius:

As Venus shifts from secretive Scorpio to exuberant Sagittarius, the desire to expand (for the rest of the month) is strong. This can be an excellent time to study something you're passionate about, or make plans to travel and explore new surroundings.

October 10—Saturn Direct in Aquarius:

For the ambitious workers out there, Saturn turning direct will feel like a breath of fresh air, enabling you to finally push forward with any projects that may have been stalled since late May. Just keep in mind that Saturn's forward motion not only brings more opportunities for work, it also demands greater effort. And as Saturn is still in Aquarius (a key transit of the pandemic), keep in mind there's potential for tighter social restrictions to bring new challenges to overcome within the world of work.

October 18—Jupiter Direct in Aquarius:

The 'unlucky' energy that may have started after June 20th starts to reverse on this date, and opportunities return—particularly anything you were really looking forward to that was put on hold since late June. Whatever area of your chart Jupiter is transiting will be expanded through synchronicities and your willingness to learn.

October 18—Mercury Direct in Libra:

Hallelujah! Communication, technological and travel hiccups ease when Mercury moves forward and our minds become clearer. This sobering shift is positive for making decisions going forward, but it can cause you to ask yourself what the heck you were thinking while Mercury was retrograde, so be prepared to make revisions at this time!

October 20—Full Moon in Aries:

Aries and Libra folks, take note; this is a time when relationship issues come to the forefront to be re-evaluated. And as with all full moons, this can be an emotional time, and we'll all be encouraged to reflect on our individual needs. The people around you may not agree with your self-focused behaviour at this time, but you're being asked to tune into your confidence and independence to help you find closure and forge a new path.

October 23—Sun Enters Scorpio:

We say goodbye to light-hearted Libra season at this time, and embrace our shadow side— just in time for Halloween. This is a time when psychological study is appealing and secrets come to light to be healed.

October 30—Mars Enters Scorpio:

The strategic energy of Scorpio ramps up around this time and we become heavily focused on the battle for truth and transformation. Challenges presented during this time are overcome through enhanced willpower and spiritual strength.



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