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Hello Summer and Happy July! The protective crab is here to kick off the season of self-care.

June 21st marked the beginning of Cancer season and the astronomical first day of summer. After a particularly busy and social Gemini season, we certainly deserve some downtime!

It's no surprise that nurturing Cancer season aligns with the lazy summer days that enable us to soothe our emotional bodies and recharge our batteries. Cancer is the mother, feeler and healer, after all. It represents our roots and all that we need to feel safe and secure in the external world. While we may be feeling overly sentimental over the next few weeks, this July is providing us with wonderful opportunities to ground ourselves and deepen our connections with the most important people in our lives.

Check out July's key astrological dates to help you prepare for this regenerating month:

July 4—Mars Enters Taurus:

After the rush of Mars in its home sign of energetic and impatient Aries, we take time to slow down and indulge in sensory delights. Now's the time to tend to any sore muscles with massage, or rejuvenate your soul in colourful and aromatic garden spaces.

July 4—Mercury Enters Cancer:

Our thoughts are more tied to our emotions for the next couple of weeks, which means that mood swings and hurt feelings are possible. Mindful self-compassion exercises can help us maintain a positive perspective and avoid jumping to conclusions.

July 13—Full Moon in Capricorn:

This ambitious full moon brings a work matter or major project to a point of completion, enabling us to close a significant chapter and move on to new endeavours. Keep in mind that this particular full moon can feel emotionally depressed, so be sure to schedule something playful and uplifting at this time to establish balance.

July 17—Venus Enters Cancer:

Over the next few weeks, we're eager to spend quality time and money on the areas of home and family. At the same time, relationship matters can become more sensitive and it's important that we're making an effort to see any interpersonal challenges from both sides.

July 19—Mercury Enters Leo:

After a sentimental and ruminative couple of weeks, it's now time to honour your inner child's expressive nature by dusting off your old paintbrushes or heading out to karaoke! Mercury in Leo is one of the most creative transits, inspiring us to get out there and show the world the most colourful version of ourselves.

July 22—Sun Enters Leo:

Following Mercury's lead, the Sun takes centre stage and encourages us to leave the introversion of Cancer season behind for the playful opportunities of Leo season. The next 4 weeks are all about honouring your authentic heart—not following the crowd or bowing to the expectations of others. It's the perfect time to indulge in your hobbies, have fun with good friends and go on romantic dates.

July 28—New Moon in Leo:

This passionate new moon marks the start of a new creative chapter in your life. Over the past week, Mercury in Leo has been providing you with plenty of creative ideas, now it's time to really put those ideas into action and make long-term plans around them!

July 28—Jupiter Retrograde in Aries:

From now until October 28th, Jupiter's retrograde motion in the sign of Aries will have us reflecting on how much we've grown over the past couple of months. It's likely we're starting to figure out who exactly we want to be and what we truly want from life. The next 4 months will enable us to think more deeply about how we can realistically achieve our lofty, but exciting goals.

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