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It’s Leo Season. Go ahead and let out a celebratory roar.

Okay, I’ll go first. Pheeeeeew! As a Leo rising, I'm particularly pleased to be saying hello to August and am so ready to move forward with the latter part of summer. When the Sun is in the sign of Cancer and travelling through my chart’s 12th house of retreat, I find myself not only being more moody than usual (Cancer season definitely exposes our 'feelings'), but also taking more naps, being less productive and noticing how my relationship with the outside world can become slowed down and obscured if I really push to make things happen. I often tell my clients to book a vacation (or better yet—schedule a low maintenance staycation!) when the sun is lounging around the 12th house in their chart, and that's because this area is all about sleep, solitude and surrendering to spirit. It’s more about recharging than adding to the to do list. But now that the spotlight is on my 1st house, I’m re-energized and ready to get back out there and start a new and improved cycle for the year ahead (precisely why the restful 12th house transit is so important!). And that’s the beauty of astrology; it teaches us to trust the natural rhythm of life and work with the seasons—instead of against them. Aside from the excitement of starting a new personal revolution, I’m also optimistic about the creativity that Leo season can bring to all of us. Leo is arguably the most playful sign of the zodiac and this energy encourages us to master new talents in the area of life being activated in our own personal chart. And after the emotional purge of Cancer season, I think we could all benefit from some confident self-expression. Curious to know how Leo season will impact your sign? Refer to your rising sign below for a mini overview.


Fellow lions, it’s also time for you to rise and shine. This is the start of a new cycle and it's the best time to set intentions for the year ahead. Reinvention is the name of the game, and you'll likely feel the urge to reframe your identity and maybe even make over your physical appearance in some way.


Moon babies, Leo season is the perfect time to take inventory of your values, talents and resources. You may be surprised to find that your passions are being reoriented during this time—and this can lead you to seek greater financial security in order to go after what you truly love.


For the curious twins, Leo season puts a spotlight on your favourite subjects—learning, communicating and yes, socializing with the people in your hood. This is an excellent time to dig into a new book, sign up for a language, writing or public speaking class, and make some new friends.


Leo season shines a loving light on home and family for Taureans. It’s a perfect time to recreate your living space to make it feel more pleasurable, and you'll likely make time for more recreational activities with your relatives.


Aries folks definitely thrive during Leo season, because your 5th house (Leo’s domain) is being activated. Now’s the time to embrace your inner kid and follow your heart’s desires—whether that means spending quality time with the little ones in your life, taking your artistic hobbies to the next level or obtaining an adrenaline buzz from outdoor sports.


For Pisceans, Leo season can be a trickier time, as it activates the more mundane and problematic parts of life. If you’re a Pisces who's behind on your taxes or neglecting your physical health, I'm looking at you. But before you swim away, keep in mind that Leo loves to make things fun, so be sure to find playful approaches to problem-solving during this time—reward yourself with small pleasures once you’ve ticked items off your to-do list.


A sister/opposite sign to Leo, Aquarians can expect their relationships to come to the forefront during Leo season. It becomes less about 'me' and all about 'we', which can be a little confusing, as Leo shows us that it's actually healthy to be self-focused. Creative compromise is the key to moving through this phase with grace, so aim to be curious about the others in your life, while also expressing your own needs and wants.


Leo season can be intense for stoic Caps, because it fixates on your 8th house of intimacy, psychology, shared resources and important contracts. You may notice yourself feeling unusually triggered and getting roped into drama with others during this time, but the Leo energy is showing you how to win the battle and master your emotions at the same time.


As a fellow fire sign, energetic Sags get an extra jolt of inspiration when the Sun is transiting their 9th house of philosophy, travel and higher education. It's an excellent time to dream big and research faraway places to visit, or sink your teeth into a course of study that expands your already well-developed wisdom.


With the Sun transiting the zenith of your chart right now, it's all about ambition for you Scorpio risings. You're naturally creative when it comes to your career, but Leo season enhances your motivation to show off your expertise—and you may just receive some extra praise for your efforts during this time.


Libras have likely been hustling in the workplace this summer and are probably bursting to connect with their wider social circle right about now. Fortunately, Leo season should deliver with opportunities to fill up your calendar and finally let loose.


Virgos, now's your time to sit back and relax. Remember all of that stuff I said about the secluded 12th house? Yep, you're chilling there for the next few weeks. I know that can sound especially scary for highly productive people like you, but fear not, because you've got plenty of self improvement coming at the end of August—and nobody does an upgrade better than you.



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