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Mindful May Tarot: 2 of Wands

In my opinion, the twos in tarot are very special; even though they represent an early stage in our process, they are crucial, because they relate to our intuition and decision making. They also connect to the High Priestess, the all-knowing gatekeeper of mystical knowledge. Believe it or not, some tarot readers actually refuse to read the HP because she's so sacred, and in my own experience, she sometimes shows up in a spread to say: 'Sorry, no answer today...more experience is needed before information can be revealed'.

So, the twos are also about taking action in my opinion. Because, as much as we love to figure out decisions in our head (air-dominant people like myself are exceptionally good at ruminating!), we also have to admit that it's taking action that helps us gather the information needed to feel confident in our decision-making. And when the two connects with the fire of the wands suit, the ask is for us to move towards our true passions—not merely what will make us successful, but what truly gets us giddy to wake up in the morning.

One of the best ways to figure out what exactly that is, is to get more connected to our bodies—by moving them. It's interesting to me that the figure in this card is looking out at the large landscape, yet there's a kind of stuck feeling to his position; he looks as though he wants to explore all of it, but he stays in his tower due to the overwhelming number of possibilities presented. He could stay there and continue to mull things over, or he could walk down to the village and start exploring; one step would lead to the next—and sooner or later, he'd be on his path.

So essentially, you don’t have to know it all before you make a move, you simply have to be willing to move. If you can relate to this mindful message in the Two of Wands, a walking-based mindful meditation or even a good old mindful walk down the block is a great way to connect to your body and get one step closer to your passions.



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