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Mindful May Tarot: 5 of Pentacles

I'm not gonna lie, when I started reading tarot thirteen years ago, the 5 of Pentacles was the last card I wanted to pull...I probably saw it similarly to how others might view Death or the 3 of Swords. I associated it with what I feared most: poverty, rejection and hopelessness...and to me, that actually sounded worse than death. However, over the years I learned more about the Master version of the 5—the Hierophant—and I've since come to understand the deeply spiritual meaning inherent in the fives. Now, anytime this card shows up for someone I'm reading for, I acknowledge the loss they're feeling, but I'm also comforted by the awareness that they're experiencing an awakening—a humbling transformation that comes from accepting loss and leaning only on the people and things that are most essential.

Collectively, we're having a big 5 of Pentacles moment right now, as we deal with loss and navigate the new normal of our societal structure. And the way we can approach this mindfully is to simply allow the discomfort to be felt, and not stuff it away. Embracing our disappointments, fears and tears enables us to shed a light on our struggles and seek the help we need to get through to other side—and that's precisely where the wisdom and power of the Hierophant resides.

So, be gentle with yourself when this card shows up. In my experience, a mindful self compassion meditation is a wonderful way to start the process. And when you befriend your feelings in this way, it becomes easier to ask for the outside assistance you need.



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