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Mindful May Tarot: 7 of Cups

The 7 of Cups is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating cards in the tarot. It generally offers up a myriad of fantasies, found within seven floating cups; tempting us to explore the many potentials in our own imagination. Some of these daydreams represent our shiniest ideals, while others reveal our shadiest fears. It's easy for us to get swept up in these cups because they connect with us on such a deep level and appeal to our hidden compulsions.

Originating from the major card of the Chariot, the sevens in tarot present us with challenges—ultimately, to test our balance and increase our strength. When combined with the emotional energy of the cups suit, we're thrown into the deep end of the watery world of feelings, to see if we can successfully swim with our shadow self. A proactive use of this energy is to channel it artistically; to unveil our imaginary world by writing a theatrical play, or making over our appearance through glam makeup. But things get tricky when we get so caught up in the illusion that we confuse the 7 of Cups with truth. The mindful message here is to make the distinction between imagination and intuition, so we don't get caught in the trap of deceit.

I think we can all relate to this energy on some level. It appears when we make up a story in our head about the person who ghosted us, or the nasty boss who let us go from a job. If we're really creative, this story includes many plot twists and turns, and colourful characters who are scheming to knock us down. And sure, maybe sometimes the world really is against us...but maybe not all the time. The 7 of Cups asks us to differentiate fantasy and real life...because we've actually got a lot of creating to do, and if we keep creating the wrong types of stories in our head, we might just keep ourselves back from our playful self expression.

A daily mindfulness practice teaches us that thoughts are not facts, and asks us to resist the urge to make up stories when our emotions destabilize us. So remember to stay present and save up your sensational creativity for your best-selling novel.



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