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Mindful May Tarot: Page of Wands

When the fiery Page of Wands shows up, it delivers a message about creative exploration. And as this card is generally associated with the brave and travel-oriented sign of Sagittarius, it can mean we're ready to spontaneously embark on a new journey—one that can really stretch our imagination and personal growth.

It's an invitation to take a step forward and venture outside of ourselves. And from a mindful perspective, this could be something as simple as walking to a part of the neighbourhood we haven't been to before. But as we're embodying our creative spirit, maybe it means digging even deeper and walking along our usual path, but stopping to examine the beauty in nature that we normally rush past.

This message reminds me of an activity that's commonly introduced at the start of many mindfulness programs—the raisin exercise. it usually goes something like this: 'take a raisin from the bowl and imagine you've just dropped in from Mars and have never before seen an object like this in your life. Let your eyes explore every part of it; the highlights where the light shines, the darker hollows, and any asymmetries or unique features.' Eventually, the raisin starts to look more like an expensive jewel than a plain old dried grape, and when it comes time to actually eat the fruit, the single raisin feels as filling as an entire meal. I kid you not—I've done the exercise a few times now, and it never ceases to amaze me.

The moral of this story is that when we approach the world with fresh eyes, we magically shift our reality and this can have a transformative effect on our psyche. So if you’re feeling the Page of Wands energy right now, go ahead and get out of your comfort zone and embrace your curious, creative self.



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