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Whoa, it's December! Make sure to brace yourself for the rest of this dynamic Sagittarius season.

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

On November 21st, the Sun moved into the constellation of Sagittarius, enabling us to rely on the archer's vision and optimism as we navigate December's twists and turns.

After the wild, transformational ride that was Scorpio Season, you'd think the Universe would give us all a rest, right? Well, December's goodie bag is filled with unexpected tests, fated endings and empowering new beginnings. It'll be a journey of self-discovery—just as Sag likes it, and it's a good idea to pack some patience as we put closure on 2021 and make sense of the spiritual lessons that began as far back as two years ago.

Check out December's key astrological dates to help you be prepared:

December 1—Neptune Direct in Pisces:

When it's moving direct, sleepy and psychedelic Neptune is the planet that activates our imagination and enables us to feel compassion for all living beings. Since June 25th, Neptune's retrograde movement has had a sobering effect on all of us; perhaps causing creative blocks, a lack of understanding of each others' differences and mental unrest. The positive qualities of Neptune's nature now return, but keep in mind the first half of December could feel extra drowsy thanks to this's an excellent time for naps, meditation and creating art in your own private space.

December 3/4—New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius:

This is the the grand finale for the series of eclipses that have occurred within the Sagittarius/Gemini axis since June of 2020. Whatever you've been struggling to let go of since that time, will finally be released from your grip. This bittersweet ending may be accompanied by some sadness, but there's a bold new beginning on its way if you're brave enough to truly let go.

December 13—Mars Enters Sagittarius:

If this hyped up transit had a theme song it would be Republica's 'Ready to Go'. Mars in Sagittarius is the type of energy that makes you want to run up a mountain or shout passionately from the rooftops. Travel and physical movement become increasingly important now, so you'll want to give yourself lots of opportunity to move around and explore.

December 13—Mercury Enters Capricorn:

While our bodies are busy moving forward, our minds become highly focused on our ambitions, and building something that can sustain us for the long-term. Small talk is less appealing during this time, because we're so busy pursuing our big goals. Conversations are reserved for those who can help us achieve success.

December 18—Full Moon in Gemini:

Geminis and Sagittarians will feel this abundantly restless full moon the most intensely, and it willy likely have a profound effect on the communication dynamics within their personal relationships. At this time, all signs will hear the call to finally release a thought-pattern that's no longer empowering.

December 19—Venus Retrograde in Capricorn:

Venus retrograde (happening from late December to late January) is a challenging phase, as relationships and resources face restriction and demand revision. It's a good time to be cautious about spending and smart about budgeting. Financial setbacks can put a strain on relationships, or partners may be less affectionate due to feeling unappreciated. Fortunately, the relationships that have weathered these storms successfully during the retrograde will become more solidified when Venus turns direct.

December 21—Sun Enters Capricorn/Winter Solstice:

As we move closer to the new year, we'll feel motivated to create new year's resolutions and become the most responsible and accomplished versions of ourselves. Career plans become particularly important during this time, especially from January onwards.

December 28—Jupiter Enters Pisces:

As we put closure on 2021, and reflect on the obstacles we've encountered over the past two years, we're blessed with an optimistic outlook, even in the face of adversity. We're drawn to spiritual healing activities that enable us to envision a better future for ourselves and the rest of humanity.



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