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February's powerful full moon in Leo is all about the journey towards self-love.

On February 16th, a full moon will occur at 27 degrees of Leo, the sign associated with your self-confidence and the activities that you bring you personal pleasure. If your Valentine's Day plans fall a bit flat this year, find a way to pamper yourself on this special day.

The energy of the full moon will peak at 11:56am ET this Wednesday, but you'll likely feel it throughout the week as it's a potent one! Not only is Leo blessed to be ruled by the warm and energetic sun, but the fateful nodes will be squaring this moon, jolting us into action and setting us up for a massive life-changing transformation.

As if that weren't explosive enough already, feminine Venus and masculine Mars will connect at this time, causing major sparks to fly. If there's an inner passion you've been eager to unleash, now is the perfect time to give birth to it.

But keep in mind that this energy may not be all moonlight and roses—this dynamic astrological event will be exciting for some and disruptive for others. And you can expect to see major changes affecting the collective this week, with this intense moon opposing the sun in Aquarius—making it doubly important to ground yourself and engage in self-care.

Not to mention that Aquarius season has already turned out to be as wild as predicted, and with all of your involvement in community and humanitarian efforts over the past few weeks (that also includes your contribution to social media), you're due for some serious 'me time' right about now. This full moon is offering an opportunity to reflect on how you've grown throughout this process, and showing you how to make your own heart happy while helping the collective. As the familiar saying goes: to take care others, start by taking care of yourself.

Want to know the best way to pamper yourself during this spiritual activation? Refer to your rising sign below:


Lions, this full moon is lighting you up in big way, so you may find that more than one area of your life is being catapulted into abrupt change—this could include your home, family, relationships and career! One thing's for sure, your shifting identity is the root cause for these external transformations. With all of this excitement (and potential stress), it's a good idea to take care of your physical body and appearance at this time—schedule a massage and maybe even a hair makeover to match your evolving personality.


With the full moon shining a bright light on your material possessions, you might consider making a purchase that will bring you joy and confidence for the long-term. This is also a great time to invest in yourself, so your act of self-love could involve turning a creative talent into a self-employment endeavour.


As Leo rules your third house of communication, this is an excellent time to speak your truth. Activities such as public speaking, writing, singing and teaching are highlighted for you right now. Even if you're simply singing in the shower or journaling in private to start, make sure to embody the lion's authentic and confident spirit.


Taurus, as one of the fixed signs, you'll be feeling this full moon pretty intensely. And since it falls within your sensitive fourth house of home and family, you could find yourself being emotionally—or even physically—uprooted. Whatever happens, remember to be tender with yourself at this time; keep warm blankets handy and soothe yourself with passed-down family recipes.


This full moon is pretty positive for you, Aries. Fellow fire sign Leo rules your pleasure-filled fifth house of hobbies, romance and pride. This is also the part of your chart that connects to children, so this moon could be asking you to reconnect with your your child-like spirit and favourite pastimes from youth. And while this moon is encouraging you to focus on yourself, this can also be a great time to enhance the bond you have with the children in your life.


Pisces, this productive moon is triggering the area of your chart that has to do with health and daily habits. You could find yourself suddenly needing to make swift changes to your diet, fitness routine, or daily schedule. This is a great time to treat yourself to some help! Speaking with a nutritionist, trainer or a life coach are a few examples of how you can step up your self-care game.


Like the other fixed signs, this full moon is pushing you towards some big changes, particularly in the realm of relationships. And you've likely been feeling this transformational energy building since the beginning of the month. Friends and partners may suddenly leave your life right now, but new bonds will replace them. A listening ear is the best way to look after yourself at this time, so call a friend or schedule a talk therapy session with a counselor.


We all know you're generally pretty calm, cool and collected Capricorn, but this profound full moon may shake up your psyche. Your intense eighth house of mysteries, trauma and transformation is being activated, so you may receive some shocking news, or simply find your emotions rising to the surface for unknown reasons. That being said, there's personal discovery and potent healing that can come out of this. Anything occult in nature—such as past life regression, shamanic healing and psychic guidance are your best tools at this time.


Sag, you've been through a lot over the past two years, but you can prepare to let that go during this regenerating full moon. Your ninth house of faith, higher education and travel is being lit up, and you could suddenly see signs that freedom is on the horizon. Celebrate by doing something adventurous—plan a trip, sign up for a course or expand your spirit by engaging in an outdoor activity you've never tried before.


Just like the other fixed signs, this full moon is providing you with a real jolt, Scorpio! In your case, the realm of career and reputation is being activated. You could find yourself being unexpectedly thrust into the limelight or needing to make a swift change regarding your career path. It may sound a bit unconventional, but your self-care activities might involve leaving a draining job, applying for a promotion or signing up for a course that can help you sharpen your professional skills.


Libra, this powerful cosmic event will encourage you to focus on your wider social circle and humanitarian efforts. While most of the signs are being asked to to zero in on more self-focused pursuits, you can't help but reflect on the changes affecting your community or the wider collective. Don't be surprised if you gain peace of mind from connecting with your tribe and helping those in need.


This is a highly spiritual full moon for you, Virgo. Just like your fellow earth signs, you could be feeling quite emotional at this time and in serious need of some TLC. The best way to look after yourself is by calming your usually busy mind through sleep, meditation, music and making art—anything that helps you find solitude and replenish your spirit.



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