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Happy April! Prepare for action, because spring is coming in like the courageous ram.

March 20th marked the spring equinox, the start of the sun's transit in the fiery sign of Aries and the astrological new year. With all this fresh energy swirling around, it's the perfect time to initiate bold new adventures.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is a self-starter, natural leader, and winner of gold medals. This fierce competitor is eternally energetic and unafraid of tackling new and exciting challenges, enabling us to expand our potential. And with the potent astrology of April promising to push us out of our comfort zones, our fearless Aries friends will surely show us how to navigate any upcoming shifts with enthusiasm.

Check out April's key astrological dates to help you prepare for this epic month:

April 04—Mars in Aquarius Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius:

The month starts off with an intense desire to fight against restrictive authority figures. With the malefic planets hanging out in Aquarius, communities and friendship groups are highlighted, and you could find yourself aligning with a team of like-minded individuals to fight against an oppressive institution. Just be aware that frustration and anger are heightened at this time, and reckless actions will lead to serious repercussions.

April 5—Venus Enters Pisces:

The love planet's move into empathetic Pisces enhances our compassion for the collective, and this should help to soothe the turbulence of the Mars-Saturn conflict. In our personal lives, this transit can cause us to become hopelessly romantic and extraordinarily creative for the remainder of the month.

April 10—Mercury Enters Taurus:

The venusian energy continues to blossom, as our minds become oriented towards beauty and harmony, as well as our material resources and personal values. This is an excellent time to treat yourself to a massage or send flowers to someone who could use a pick-me-up. It's also wise to take stock of your bank account at this time, and invest in new skills that can help you generate greater wealth and fulfillment.

April 12—Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces:

The last time this rare alignment occurred was in March of 1856, so it's kind of a big deal. While our connection to spirit and creative expression will be at an all-time high during this transit, this energy can also lead to widespread delusion and disappointment, due to things not actually being what they seem on the surface. It could also be a challenging time to complete logical tasks like filing taxes, since our minds will be more daydreamy than usual.

April 14—Mars Enters Pisces:

In Pisces, Mars' energy and drive can becomes weighed down by emotions and empathy for others. Our own needs become secondary to helping those less fortunate, and we feel compelled to use our creative and spiritual gifts to raise awareness for important causes.

April 16—Full Moon in Libra:

By mid-month, we're all about cultivating peace. That's because the full moon in Libra provides us with profound insight into different perspectives and asks us to create more equality in our relationships.

April 19—Sun Enters Taurus:

After the excitement of Aries season, the sun's shift into Taurus helps to ground our energy and direct it towards long-term passion projects that soothe the soul. Taurus loves to build beautiful but practical things, so this is an excellent time for activities like renovating your garden space or restoring antique furniture.

April 29—Mercury Enters Gemini:

The end of the month promises to be quite chatty and focused on generating and sharing new ideas. They'll be a lot of back-and-forth messages at this time, so make sure you've got a good handle on your inbox. We can also become quite fixated on news stories and social media, so be more than mindful of your screen time. If you've been wanting to sign up for a short-term course or launch a marketing campaign, this is an excellent time to do it!

April 29—Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn:

When Pluto is moving direct, we're so caught up in psychological transformation that we may not even realize the powerful changes that are taking place. Pluto's retrograde motion gives us an opportunity to reflect on how far we've evolved since October of 2021. The next 5 months can also be a time of healing our wounds, particularly related to authority figures and powerful institutions since Capricorn rules these subjects.

Apr 30—New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus:

This mighty new moon is packed with powerful new beginnings, especially related to our talents and how we use them to generate income. If you've been considering a career shift or move towards self-employment, the end of the month and start of eclipse season will give you the push you need to make it happen.



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