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Happy September! Practice (and a little patience) makes perfect this Virgo season.

On August 22nd, we said goodbye to pleasure-seeking Leo season to make space for the planning and productivity of Virgo season. While this time of year is usually busy, we'll also be working against the delays of retrograde energy this September!

Not to sound too nit-picky (a Virgo specialty), but this September is a bit problematic. That's because a whopping six planets will be retrograding through the sky this month. And that includes Mercury—Virgo's ruling planet—which also happens to be responsible for organizing our daily tasks and everyday interactions. Fortunately, Virgo is the problem-solver of the zodiac, so we can also find practical solutions to any challenges that arise.

Check out September's key astrological dates to help you prepare for the upcoming month:

September 4—Venus Enters Virgo:

For the next few weeks, our passions may be diluted, as nerdy Venus in Virgo asks us to devote time to reworking our schedule and focusing on important work obligations. We may notice that we're suddenly skipping a date at the beach to streamline the file folders on our computer. We're also more likely to invest in quality back-to-school supplies, as Venus rules our finances and Virgo can't wait to shine in the classroom.

September 9—Mercury Retrograde in Libra:

Life gets interesting as normally communicative and organized Mercury becomes more internally focused and daydreamy when retrograde. In Libra, Mercury is highly focused on partnerships, so interactions with best buds, significant others and business partners are under the mental microscope. It's a good time to take stock of the bonds in your life and to make sure there's an equal distribution of give and take. Until the 23rd, It's also really important to triple-check the details when meeting with your favourite people—leaving them hanging can lead to hurt feelings and even separations.

September 10—Full Moon in Pisces:

September's full moon is adding even more mist to hazy Mercury retrograde, thanks to its position in the sleepy sign of Pisces and close proximity to psychedelic Neptune. Things may feel confusing at this time, but there's some sort of spiritual breakthrough coming through, which can help us put closure on a certain chapter in our life.

September 22—Sun Enters Libra/Fall Equinox:

Finding peace is the name of the game when the sun moves into the harmonizing sign of Libra. Now we can review Virgo's list of problems and find helpful compromises. Do make sure to also take your own needs into consideration at this time, because Libra season can cause us to be overly focused on others.

September 23—Mercury Retrograde in Virgo:

Mercury's return to Virgo reminds you that you left an important task on the back burner. Whatever you forgot to de-clutter, alphabetize, edit or water needs your undivided attention for the next week!

September 25—New Moon in Libra:

After spending a couple of weeks reflecting on your relationships, you're ready to make some proactive changes regarding the people in your life. This new moon is an excellent time for setting intentions around partnership. Get out there and meet new people or love yourself better by initiating stronger boundaries.

September 29—Venus Enters Libra:

We close the month with idealism, romance and creativity, thanks to Venus moving into her comfy home sign of Libra. This lovely transit is asking you to connect on a deeper level—so spread peace, create beauty and commit to those you cherish.



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