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Hooray for May! Spark new passions with help from the mighty bull and magical eclipse season.

Stable and sensual Taurus season started on April 19th, but the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus is suddenly shaking up the status quo. Prepare to be moved towards mystical twists of fate this May!

Usually, yummy Taurus season is a time for serious pampering, to reward ourselves for all of the hard work we've put into the new projects started in Aries season. But as we're now officially into eclipse season, it's unlikely we'll be getting much rest, as the eclipses push us to face new challenges, regardless of how ready we are for change. If you're feeling stuck progressing through the upcoming energetic shifts, the talented Taureans around you will surely help with their innovative ideas!

Check out May's key astrological dates to help you prepare for this dynamic month:

May 02—Venus Enters Aries:

Taurus' ruling planet starts a brand new cycle in ardent Aries. Over the next 4 weeks, our interest in Taurean things (love, money and creative projects) is ramped up! Coupled people are likely to put their partners on a pedestal at this time, while single individuals can become highly motivated to find love.

May 10—Mercury Retrograde in Gemini:

Gemini's extroverted ruling planet now moves backward, causing delays and frustrations with mercurial activities like communication, learning, local travel, sales/marketing and connecting with siblings. This gives us an opportunity to develop greater patience and focus on our inner world as opposed to being so busy with external affairs. There can also be a need to review past decisions and correct mistakes during this particular Mercury retrograde.

May 10—Jupiter Enters Aries:

Jupiter takes a break from amplifying dreamy Pisces to expand energetic Aries. This 5-month long transit can jumpstart our activity levels and increase our enthusiasm for adventure, but it can also escalate anger and conflict. The collective energy can be tense at this time, and people are more likely to fight for self-focused initiatives rather than follow the group.

May 15—Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio:

Mid-May is the time to reflect on the energetic shifts that started at the beginning of the month/New Moon Solar Eclipse and release the aspects of any new endeavors that aren't working. Intimate relationships and shared resources are also likely to go through a transformation at this time, as we let go of commitments and contracts that are no longer contributing to our soul growth.

May 20—Sun Enters Gemini:

The sun moves into the sign of the chatty, curious twins. While Mercury is currently challenged by its retrograde motion, we do try our best to be social and ready to learn new things over the next 4 weeks.

May 22—Mercury Retrograde in Taurus:

Mercury moves back in Venus-ruled Taurus, asking us to check in on our finances, self-employment activities and personal values. This isn't the best time to make big purchases or change banks, but it can be an excellent time to take stock of your net worth and brainstorm ways to expand your income.

May 24—Mars Enters Aries:

Feisty Mars moves into its home sign, giving our self-confidence and physical vitality a boost for the next 6 weeks. This is an excellent time to put yourself first by creating stronger boundaries in your relationships, and it's also the perfect time to start a new workout routine.

May 28—Venus Enters Taurus:

3 days after Mars arrives home, Venus does the same, as it enters sensual Taurus. With Mars at peak masculinity and Venus in her prime, romantic sparks are sure to fly by the end of the month! And with Mercury moving direct in Taurus in a few days, we can finally treat ourselves to nice things—a Venus in Taurus specialty.

May 30—New Moon in Gemini:

The end of the month brings fresh new intentions to the areas of our local neighbourhood, learning new skills, and connecting with close friends and siblings. Make plans to get out of the house, expand your mind and have meaningful conversations with those close to you.



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