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Happy New Year! Like the determined goat, January starts off slowly, but finishes on a high note!

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Capricorn season arrived with the winter solstice, offering us a chance to slow down and reconnect with our inner spirit. This meditative mood continues into January, but by mid-month, we'll be picking up the pace to pursue our annual goals.

2023 begins with a stellium (aka a party of planets) in steady Capricorn, the sign that's known for facing reality in order to build a life of substance. Don’t be surprised if the goat's sobering response to the post-holiday blitz is strongly felt during the first two weeks of January. If you spent too much or ate too much, Capricorn energy will make sure you’re aware of it (enter New Year's resolutions). Fortunately, this month is nicely balanced with mystical support from the cosmos, inspiring us to make some serious (but also exciting!) changes before the month is over.

Check out January's key astrological dates to make the most of the upcoming month:

January 2—Venus Enters Aquarius:

Venus warms up a little after spending the past few weeks in serious-minded Capricorn. When visiting friendly Aquarius, Venus encourages us to connect with our wider social circle or invest time and resources into any group-related activities. This transit can also influence us to spend more time on social media, so just be mindful of the impact of screen time on your health.

January 6—Full Moon in Cancer:

January's full moon feels like an emotional detox, as its placement in sensitive Cancer opposes problem-solving Mercury in Capricorn. If there are any feelings you've been bottling up—particularly regarding home and family matters—Mercury is motivating you to speak your mind and let go of any emotional weight that's been keeping you stuck.

January 12—Mars Direct in Gemini:

We can breathe a collective sigh of relief as Mars finally moves forward after its frustrating retrograde in Gemini. Communication hiccups or scheduling issues that began at the end of October begin to ease now and we're being given the green light to move forward with the plans we had to put on the back burner.

January 18—Mercury Direct in Capricorn:

One week after Mars picks up steam, Mercury joins the party and brings even greater clarity to our new year's resolutions—especially any career-related goals. That being said, you may want to wait until January 22nd to make an official list of resolutions, when all of the planets in the sky are direct!

January 20—Sun Enters Aquarius:

Let the sun shine—it's Aquarius season, baby! The next month is a time to be your authentic self and hang out with the friends who love you for your quirks. Over the next 4 weeks, you may also feel the urge to support your community through humanitarian efforts, such as raising money for an important cause or donating food and clothing to a local shelter.

January 21—New Moon in Aquarius:

This month's new moon is highly magnetic, as the water bearer's electric energy is making an abundant connection with Jupiter and receiving positive power from Mars! There's potent magic in the air over the next couple of days and this is an excellent time to dream big and work on your vision board for 2023!

January 22—Uranus Direct in Taurus and the Lunar New Year:

Get out the champagne! As of 6 PM Eastern Time, innovative Uranus will be moving direct, signaling a time of great progress—because swift transitions are what Uranus does best, and as all of the planets moving forward for the next 3 months! The kick-off for this rare astrological occurrence also happens to align with the Chinese New Year and celebration of the intuitive and agile Water Rabbit.

January 26—Venus Enters Pisces:

By the end of the month, Venus in Pisces is warming us up in anticipation of Valentine's Day. Venus absolutely adores being in gooey Pisces, so expect to indulge in your passions over the next few weeks. But be aware that any relationships that start now will need to be balanced with realism and practicality in order to stand the test of time.



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