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This June, the twins are infusing your interpersonal relationships with mercurial magic!

Gemini season arrived on the 21st of May, bringing along fresh ideas and inspired communication. As we move through June, don’t be surprised if you're feeling motivated to socialize after the self-care slowdown of Taurus season.

In true Gemini fashion, the month of June wakes us up and offers some interesting twists and turns. Right at the beginning of the month on June 3rd, we have a courageous full moon in Sagittarius while Mercury (finally out of the Mercury Retrograde post-shadow period!) forms an expressive connection with electrifying Uranus. This is the perfect time to communicate with the important people in your life and break free from any heaviness that's been weighing you down and hindering your spirit. Get something off your chest so you can get out there and get going with your next adventure or invention!

Check out June's key astrological dates to make the most of the upcoming month:

June 3—Full Moon in Sagittarius:

June's celebratory full moon in Sagittarius is the last full moon before Summer starts, and it signifies a time of putting closure on the first part of the year, to make space for new adventures in the second half of 2023. While June's strawberry moon is an optimistic lunation, this full moon will also be squaring Saturn, meaning we'll need to balance our enthusiasm with a healthy dose of reality over the next month. So if you're leaving a 9-5 desk job to become a digital nomad, just make sure your bank account can handle the potential ups and downs of this new path.

June 5—Venus Enters Leo:

Get ready for some serious romance and pleasure this summer, because Venus in Leo is all about expressing and receiving love. If you've been single for a while, this is your time to get out there and find your other half. If you're partnered, be prepared for some serious pampering from your significant other. And fortunately, love will be in the air for a while, thanks to Venus going retrograde in July and staying in lovable Leo until October 8th.

June 11—Mercury Enters Gemini:

By the second week of June, we'll be even more ready to mingle, thanks to Mercury moving into personable Gemini—its favourite place to be! This highly social transit will encourage us to be more curious about those we cross paths with, and give us the confidence to make new connections. Over the next couple of weeks, we may feel the urge to organize a neighbourhood block party or sign up for speed dating.

June 17—Saturn Retrograde in Pisces:

Just to make sure we're not having too much fun, the lord of karma will slow down by mid-month and ask us to reflect on our responsibilities, especially with respect to how we take care of our psychological health and contribute to our spiritual practice. Maintain balance with equal amounts of extraverted interaction and meditative self-reflection.

June 18—New Moon in Gemini:

The day after Saturn goes retrograde, we have an analytical new moon in Gemini, providing us with an excellent opportunity to heal our mental health through self-expression or learning a new skill. This is an excellent time to initiate a journaling practice, sign up for singing lessons or study a new language.

June 21—Sun Enters Cancer/Summer Solstice:

On this day we welcome Cancer season and the official start of summer! It's no surprise that nurturing Cancer season aligns with the lazy summer days that enable us to soothe our emotional bodies and recharge our batteries. It's time to ground ourselves and deepen our connection with our soul family.

June 26—Mercury Enters Cancer:

When Mercury enters the sensitive sign of Cancer, we may notice our emotions rising to the surface more easily. If you need to have a heart-to-heart with someone near and dear, this transit can help you communicate your feelings with care. You may also notice yourself becoming more nostalgic or melancholic than usual. Listening to music and going on nature walks can help you keep your head above water during this time.

Jun 30—Neptune Retrograde in Pisces:

For nearly the entire second half of the year, Neptune will be retrograde in Pisces, asking us to reflect on our dreams and ponder how we can make them a reality. This transit also has a way of waking us up to any delusions of grandeur, so this can also be a time of letting go of any goals that may be too unrealistic.




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