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Venus Direct + Mars in Aries: reuniting with self care

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

As Venus finally moves forward today (hallelujah!) it shouldn’t be a surprise that my hair salon reopened this morning, after being closed since mid-March. Venus rules beauty and pampering, so these activities have been harder to grasp during the retrograde. It’s also been a time of re-evaluating what brings us pleasure in general, so we should have a better idea of our creative interests and relationship needs as she continues to move forward.

We’ve also had to contend with Mars being in sleepy Pisces since mid-May...not an upbeat placement for Mars to begin with (hello afternoon naps!), and as Pisces makes a challenging square to Gemini, it’s been adding some extra draining energy to the mix (oh, and we’ve had 6 planets in retrograde as of late—including Mercury—plus eclipses, etc, etc...double sigh!).

So, if you’ve been feeling frumpy and exhausted...and finding it hard to engage in self care, it’s no wonder. But with Venus now moving direct and Mars moving into Aries in a couple of days, you should be feeling that pep in your step return. Plus, Mars is going to be in fiery Aries for the rest of the year, so you’re going to want to be in tip top shape for the battles that are likely coming. Yep, I’m not sugar coating the drama that’s on its way, but it’s perfectly okay now—and probably Important—to get back on your feet and engage in some serious self care.



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