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Hang on to your hat, because February's very Aquarian energy is bringing major metamorphosis!

On January 20th, the Sun vacated the responsible and ambitious earth sign of Capricorn and sailed into the revolutionary realm of Aquarius. The water bearer’s season puts a spotlight on our unique gifts and invites us to use them to heal humanity and raise the collective consciousness.

Check out February’s key astrological dates to prepare for this epic month!

February 4—Mercury Enters Aquarius:

Our minds are especially sharp and creative when Mercury enters the progressive sign of Aquarius. If you’ve been mulling over the pros and cons of a decision since mid-January, you should receive some quick intuitive flashes at this time that show you how to move forward with confidence. This is also an excellent time to lean on friends for advice—especially your insightful Aqua buddies!

February 9—New Moon in Aquarius:

February’s new moon is making space for you to set intentions around community and collaboration. Now that transformational Pluto has settled into Aquarius, it’s important that our alliances aren’t based on superficial similarities—they must feel connected to our life purpose in some way. As this moon forms a stressful square to unpredictable Uranus, it could be some shocking news or an epiphany that helps you find your soul tribe.

February 10—Lunar New Year/Year of the Dragon:

This Chinese New Year, we celebrate the Wood Dragon—a natural leader who’s strong, fearless, and destined for greatness. So get out the champagne and use the energy of February’s potent new moon to plan for your prosperity this year! How can you step up to the plate and be a courageous yet benevolent leader in 2024? It’s the Dragon’s willpower combined with their empathy that enables them to achieve success and attract abundance.

February 12—Mars Enters Aquarius:

A few days after the potent new moon, Mars joins the Aquarian party, ramping up our desire to fight for a social cause or greater freedom within our personal lives. This transit could cause you to feel feisty (particularly with combative Mars bumping into powerful Pluto), so make sure to confront any issues with logic and fairness.      

February 16—Venus Enters Aquarius:

By mid-month, there will be a whopping 5 planets in Aquarius, thanks to Venus moving into the 11th zodiac sign. And as Aquarius is the sign associated with anything that’s outside the norm and futuristic, things could be feeling pretty trippy at this time! However, you may be surprised to see how tolerant you’re willing to be over the next few weeks; just like the 5th Dimension song ‘Aquarius’, this transit is encouraging you to embrace harmony and understanding and open up your heart. This is a great time to engage in group meditation or community fundraising to help raise the vibration of the planet.

February 18—Sun Enters Pisces:

As the Sun shifts into imaginative Pisces, we’ll be inspired to be more in touch with our emotions and delve deeper into our creativity. The next 4 weeks is also meant to be a time of introspection, so if you’ve got a busy schedule, make sure to carve out some time for rest and reflection.

February 22—Mercury Enters Pisces:

A few days after the Sun moves into Pisces, mental Mercury follows suit, taking us down the rabbit hole of our subconscious mind. Don’t be surprised if your dreams are quite vivid at this time! You may want to take the opportunity to start a dream journal to uncover the messages you’re receiving during sleep. It can also be quite helpful to write poetry, compose music or paint to help you process any big emotional waves.

February 24—Full Moon in Virgo:

As this highly dynamic and transformational month comes to completion, a grounded full moon in Virgo allows us to make sense of the changes we’ve been dealing with and helps us organize our lives around the new normal. Take advantage of this productive full moon by de-cluttering and adopting a more minimalistic lifestyle.



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