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Astro weather for October 4: Pluto direct = tunnel vision.

Pluto spends about half of the year travelling in a retrograde motion, so the effects of its backwards movement are not as noticeable as, say, the unpredictability of a Mercury retrograde. But truth be told, most people are just plain mystified by Pluto in general—even when moving forward—because it's the planet associated with the subconscious, and all of the spooky, taboo subjects that no one wants to talk about.

Pluto started moving backwards on April 25th, so we've had 5 months of dealing with its supernatural energy in a more blocked manner. Because Pluto rules spiritual upheaval, it pushes us to release and learn from our pain, so that we may become more invincible versions of ourselves. When this energy is moving backwards, we may become more aware of our trauma—and perhaps quite analytical about it—but it can feel as though we're powerless to transmute it.

Now, with Pluto moving direct, the dwarf planet's pointed thirst for power can forge ahead into the darkness and do its transformational magic. That might sound scary, but Pluto asks us to be fearless and ride into the unknown, reminding us that we came to our own strange and mysterious planet to evolve and become superhuman.



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