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This September is all about tending to your inner self and welcoming growth!

On August 23rd, the maiden stepped into the sunlight, leading us into the earthy season of change. This September, we'll move from a state of deep inner reflection to initiating new health habits, improved daily routines and stronger relationships.

While September begins in a hazy, hypnotic space (thanks to a super blue moon in sleepy Pisces and a whopping 7 planets in retrograde!), we'll be seeing a little more clearly as of September 3rd, when Venus in Leo moves direct after being in meditative mode since July 22nd.

Check out September's key astrological dates to make the most of the upcoming month:

September 3—Venus Direct in Leo:

As Venus is responsible for love, money and beauty, it's finally a good time to take a relationship to the next level, buy something special for yourself, or enhance your appearance. You've likely been contemplating some venus-related decisions over the past

6 weeks, so go ahead and treat yourself now that things feel less confusing!

September 4—Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus:

When expansive Jupiter moves backwards, it can feel like our adventurous side is being blocked and we might wonder if we’ve mysteriously lost our mojo. Fortunately, when this lucky planet is retrograde, we can still benefit—it's a good time to return to any studies that have been put on the back burner or make travel plans for 2024 (Jupiter stations direct just before the new year starts).

September 14—New Moon in Virgo:

This is excellent energy for creating radical change in your life, especially because of the new moon's connection to innovative Uranus. Don't be surprised if you're feeling the urge to completely re-organize your surroundings or commit to a diet that's dramatically different from anything you've ever tried before.

September 15—Mercury Direct in Virgo:

Over the next few weeks, our thinking and communication will receive a positive boost of clarity, thanks to Mercury moving forward in its sign of exaltation. Because Virgo loves to improve through creating organized systems, it’s a perfect time to clear away any mental clutter and figure out ways you can work smarter instead of harder.

September 22—Sun Enters Libra/Fall Equinox:

On this day we welcome Libra season and the official start of fall! Just as the fall equinox brings equal parts of light and dark together, so must we, if we want to feel truly whole. Libra season isn’t just a time for bringing harmony to relationships, but also a time of feeling more balanced within ourselves. Befriending the shadow enables us to know ourselves more deeply and honour this transformational time of year.

September 29—Full Moon in Aries:

September ends on a high note, thanks to the energetic full moon in Aries, which gives us the confidence to live our best life, especially after all the wisdom we've gained from the reflective retrogrades. Now's the time to let go of any limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of your success.



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