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Happy Aquarius Season! It's time to connect with your tribe and let your eccentricity shine.

On January 19th, the Sun moved into the constellation of the bohemian water bearer, one day after its revolutionary ruling planet Uranus went direct. Prepare for things to get electric!

As the nonconformist and activist of the zodiac, Aquarius is considered to be the rebel with a cause, and it's also associated with 'the star' tarot card, which represents spiritual healing and the hope required to achieve your dreams. Over the next month, your Aquarian friends are the ones you'll want to turn to for leadership, thanks to their ability to see the future, generate progressive ideas and bring groups of people together to create positive change.

Check out the key astrological dates for this Aquarius season:

January 19—Sun Enters Aquarius:

When the spotlight turns towards the water bearer, we notice ourselves feeling more tuned into the needs of the collective and inspired to fight for freedom and equality for all. Authenticity rules and selfishness and superficiality are especially uncool during this time. If there's a social issue you're passionate about, this is the perfect time to step up, do the work and make a difference in the lives of others.

January 24—Mars Enters Capricorn:

Over the next 6 weeks, the warrior planet becomes more grounded and put to good use. Our goals—particularly related to issues of career and authority—become laser sharp and we have the steadiness and stamina to achieve them.

January 25—Mercury Retrograde Enters Capricorn:

One day after feisty Mars enters Capricorn, reverse Mercury shows up to temper our enthusiasm with caution and remind us of the importance of looking over the details with painstaking precision. This can cause frustration and delays, but it will ultimately help us to become more mindful of the small print while working towards our big plans.

January 29—Venus Goes Direct in Capricorn:

We finally experience some relief with respect to finances and love matters when Venus goes direct. However, keep in mind that some discomfort in these areas will linger as long as Venus is in restrictive Capricorn. Venus will feel a little more friendly at the beginning of March, when she moves into Aquarius.

January 31—New Moon in Aquarius:

This second new moon of the month is perhaps giving us a second opportunity to set new year's resolutions. Maybe this year is less about our individual goals, and more about the needs of the group. How can you contribute to your community in a meaningful way?

February 3—Mercury Goes Direct in Capricorn:

Phew...the fogginess we experienced in January is finally coming to an end! And the closer we get to March, the more empowered we'll feel to make decisions that have been on hold due to external restrictions and internal confusion.

February 14—Mercury Enters Aquarius:

This Valentine's Day could certainly be a love fest, but maybe not in the way we might be expecting. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling more emotionally invested in the state of humanity at this time and giving to those less fortunate.

Feb 16—Full Moon in Leo:

Finally, we can fit in some 'me time' in with this self-indulgent full moon. This is an excellent day to express your individual needs and engage in pleasurable activities that remind you of your playful side.



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