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Hello Summer and Happy July! The protective crab is here to kick off the season of self-care.

June 20th marked the beginning of Cancer season and the astronomical first day of summer! After a busy Gemini season, we certainly deserve some downtime.

It's no surprise that nurturing Cancer season aligns with the lazy summer days that enable us to soothe our emotional bodies and recharge our batteries. Cancer is the mother, feeler and healer, after all. It represents our roots and all that we need to feel safe and secure in the external world. While we may be feeling overly sentimental over the next few weeks, this July is providing us with wonderful opportunities to ground ourselves and deepen our connections with the most important people in our lives.

Check out July's key astrological dates to help you prepare for this regenerating month:

July 2—Neptune Retrograde in Pisces:

For nearly the entire second half of the year, Neptune will be retrograde in Pisces, asking us to reflect on our dreams and ponder how we can make them a reality. This transit also has a way of waking us up to any delusions of grandeur, so this can also be a time of letting go of any goals that may be too unrealistic.

July 2—Mercury Enters Leo:

After a ruminative couple of weeks, it's now time to honour your inner child's expressive nature by dusting off your old paintbrushes or heading out to karaoke. Mercury in Leo is one of the most creative transits, inspiring us to get out there and show the world the most colourful version of ourselves.

July 5—New Moon in Cancer:

This emotional new moon is asking us to set new intentions around our emotional health as well as our home environment and connection to family. How can you create more opportunities for emotional healing? And how can you improve your living space and deepen your family bonds? Spend some time in meditation today reflecting on these important questions.

July 11—Venus Enters Leo:

Get ready for some serious pleasure this month, because Venus in Leo is all about expressing and receiving love. If you've been single for a while, this is your time to get out there and find your other half. If you're partnered, be prepared for some serious pampering from your significant other. If you’re not looking for love from another then put the spotlight on yourself and devote more time to whatever makes your heart sing.

July 20—Mars Enters Gemini:

When enthusiastic Mars enters the curious sign of Gemini, our minds are busier than usual, so this summer is a great time to study or write—to avoid over-thinking and anxiety. Give your brain something to chew on by learning a new language, journaling, or perhaps writing a book if you're really feeling this mental activation.

July 21—Full Moon in Capricorn:

This serious full moon brings a work matter or major project to a point of completion, enabling us to close a significant chapter and move on to new endeavours. Keep in mind that this particular full moon can feel emotionally depressed, so be sure to schedule something uplifting at this time to establish balance.

July 22—Sun Enters Leo:

It’s Leo season, baby! The Sun takes centre stage now and the next 4 weeks are all about honouring your authenticity—not following the crowd or bowing to the expectations of others. It's the perfect time to indulge in your hobbies, have fun with good friends and go on romantic dates.

July 25—Mercury Enters Virgo:

Mercury's transit through Virgo is all about organization, so the next couple of weeks are a great time for de-cluttering! Keeping in line with July's self-care theme, mindful Mercury in scientific Virgo knows that minimalist living can release dopamine—a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and satisfaction.

July 26—Chiron Retrograde in Aries:

Like Neptune, Chiron will be in reflective mode until December as it goes retrograde in Aries. During this time, we're encouraged to work on any personal insecurities related to self esteem and identity. This is an excellent time to connect with a therapist or motivational coach to help you heal any childhood wounds that are hindering your self-confidence.



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