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Mindful May Tarot: 3 of Pentacles

Whenever the 3 of Pentacles shows up, it tells us the gears are in motion for some sort of project, and I personally get excited when I see this card, because to me, it symbolizes the success that comes from creative collaboration. The threes in Tarot are governed by the inspired Empress, and when paired with the suit of Pentacles, we can see our ideas take on tangible shape.

Also, progressing from the experimental 2 of Pentacles, the 3 feels like we're 'going back to the drawing board', and perhaps taking stock of what's actually working, while releasing what isn't. And sure, it's necessary to grieve our losses, but at a certain point, it's okay to get back on the horse and try again. And maybe this time, we can do it with more innovation.

In my own life, this is taking the shape of a revamped productivity schedule. The current global situation has impacted some exciting plans I had for the spring/summer seasons, and yes, that's disappointing, but it doesn't mean that I'm simply out of luck and confined to the couch. And it's more than okay to start with small aims; I'm including things like 45-minute nature walks and 30-minute singing practices in my new schedule, to ensure that I'm focusing on pleasure as well as productivity (this is big for a type A personality!). I'm also revisiting old projects that were moving the right direction, but ended up being left on the back burner due to other commitments.

So now might be a good time to ask yourself where you can be more collaborative—whether that means mixing up your past daily routine or bringing your previously developed skills to a new group project. We're seeing this all over social media, with things like online choirs for example; artists who are finding new ways to connect and express during the lockdown. When the 3 of Pentacles shows up, it's the perfect time to grab a journal and take note of your talents and then brainstorm how you can build upon them moving forward.



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