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Mindful May Tarot: 6 of Wands

When was the last time you congratulated yourself for something? With the world on pause during the quarantime, perhaps you've been struggling to stay motivated and are feeling unworthy of a pat on the back. Well, the confident 6 of Wands is here to change your mind and remind you that you're a hero. Because you are—especially right now.

The sixes in tarot are all about choices and integration. They relate back to the major card of the Lovers; where our decision to merge with another will change the course of our life. When this focus mixes with the suit of energetic wands, the spotlight shifts to our own willpower and we summon the strength to allow ourselves to be seen and appreciated.

If this sounds more self absorbed than mindful, hear me out. Mindfulness is about paying attention. And we generally use the practice to notice the tone of our thoughts...usually to gauge how much negativity we're allowing in. But how often do we pay attention to our successes and bring them into the light?

If you're making an effort to notice your thoughts more, pay attention to that and give yourself some praise. If you've helped another person get through the day—even if it’s letting someone go ahead of you in the grocery store line—notice their gratitude and accept it. If you're somehow bringing healing or innovation to your community, notice the effect you have on others and join them in celebration of your gifts.

Go ahead and get on your high horse, just like the figure in the 6 of Wands card, and see the difference you're making in the world. This is the age of Aquarius baby, and a time when you don't need to be a famous celeb or flashy influencer to thrive; you shine just by being your individual, authentic self and caring about your fellow humans.



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