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Mindful May Tarot Challenge

Updated: May 13, 2020

Well, hello May, 2020! Somehow you've arrived and it feels like you've brought some fresh air with you. Which is encouraging, because we all could use some nourishing deep breaths right now.

I don't know about you, but rather than baking up a storm (which sounds great, don't get me wrong!), I've been spending the quarantime leaning into my meditation practice and reconnecting with my breath. My practice has been uneven over the past couple of years, so getting it back on track has been one of the blessings of this time.

Astrologically speaking, we're now comfortably in yummy Taurus season and heading into multiple planetary retrogrades, so it might not be such a bad time to be snuggled up at home and finding ways to be more peaceful. And while I'm in a more meditative zone, I thought it might be fun to challenge myself this month and seek guidance from my tarot cards on how to be more mindful. We often look to the tarot for fortune telling, but the tarot has many creative uses, and I believe can certainly help us to explore the present moment as well.

I’ll be using the beautiful Ethereal Visions Tarot Deck for this challenge, partly because it’s my newest deck and I’d like to get to know it better, but also because it possesses a sensual Art Nouveau aesthetic that’s suited to Taurus season/Springtime. I’m combining the cards with my birthstone Amethyst, as it calms restless thoughts and provides peace of mind, which is perfect for meditation.

So whether you're calm, bored, scared, exhausted or excited during these uncertain times, I hope you'll follow along and get something from these posts too. If you're familiar with tarot archetypes already, you might just get something new out of the card meanings. And if you're newer to tarot, I hope these interpretations contribute to your learning journey.



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