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Mindful May Tarot: Wheel of Fortune

Updated: May 13, 2020

For Day 1 of my Mindful May Tarot Challenge, I was happy to see the major archetype of the 'Wheel of Fortune' pop up—and appropriately set things in motion! The Wheel of Fortune is traditionally about 'time' and 'turning the page', so the meditative message being conveyed here is to let go of the need to be in control and simply trust in life’s flow.

To quote one of my favourite teachers who combined meditation with singing: "always remember that ‘everything changes—don’t get attached to the good or bad. One day you’ll have a great day practicing and the next day you might struggle. Resist the urge to get attached and make it mean something...just keep up your practice." I think this message is very relevant for the collective right now, as we struggle with the new normal our lives have shifted into. And it's so important for us to remember that this is simply one season of our life, and it will indeed shift again.

In terms of the cards visual, I love how the figure in the foreground is holding the wheel in a protective way, as if to suggest that a higher power is doing the heavy lifting for us, so it's not necessary for us to control the process. It also makes me think that we should cherish this time, even if it’s brought unexpected changes; we might just look back at this uncomfortable but introspective phase with some fondness once we’ve transitioned into the next season.



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